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Notification of two rezoning submissions concerning land at Arthurs Point (PDP Stage 1)

Notification of an amended Summary of Decisions Requested for two submissions made on the Queenstown Lakes Proposed District Plan (Stage 1), by Gertrude’s Saddlery Limited and Larchmont Developments Limited.

The submissions seek relief associated with land at Arthurs Point.  The relief sought has been summarised in the amended Summary of Decisions Requested, which has been made available as an Addendum to the Summary of Decisions Requested for Stage 1 of the PDP. This notification is in accordance with an Enforcement Order issued by the Environment Court dated 11 September 2019.

Notification of Decision

Public notice was given as of 13 July 2023 that the Queenstown Lakes District Council (Council) made a decision on the Re-Hearing of two Submissions on Stage 1: Proposed District Plan - Gertrude’s Saddlery Limited (#494) and Larchmont Developments Limited (#527) at Arthurs Point at its meeting on 29 June 2023.

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Hearing of further submissions

All information and documents in regards to the hearing of further submissions can be found on the hearing page here

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