Dog Registration: You may receive delays in receiving a response due to the fact we've received so many enquiries and our system is playing catching up - rest assured, we're working through these requests as quickly as possible. Check out our dog registration page for more information.

Register Your Dog

Rēhitatia tō kurī

The information you need to register your dog, and how much it will cost.

All dogs over the age of three months must be registered.

You can submit your new dog's registration details online.  Following this, our team will contact you with your Animal ID and payment details once we've processed your registration.  You can then pay your invoice using your dog's unique Animal ID.

If you've already registered your dog and need to make a payment, click here.

Return your Dog Registration Application Form

If you've chosen to download a Dog Registration Application form, please return the completed form to us at:

Queenstown Lakes District Council
Private Bag 50072

Or, you can visit us in either our Queenstown or Wānaka offices and complete the application form there.


Once entered into our system, you'll receive a unique Animal ID and your registration invoice for payment. Payment cannot be made without an invoice and Animal ID.

You can also pay using any of these following methods (please ensure you have your Animal ID and invoice before making payment):

  • Online using your credit card.

  • In person by visiting reception at our offices in Queenstown or Wānaka and pay by cash or credit card.

  • Direct credit into our bank account 02-0948-000-2000-00 with our Animal ID in the reference field.

Once your new dog is registered, you'll be required to update its registration on an annual basis. A notice of renewal will be sent out prior to each subsequent registration period as a reminder that the next annual registration is due.

Payments are due by June 30. Under the Dog Control Act 1996, any late payments will automatically receive a 50% penalty fee.  It’s also our policy to issue a $300 infringement fee to the owners of dogs still unregistered by 31 August each year.

The best way to avoid unnecessary penalties is to register your dog on time.


Our fee structure has been set to recognise and reward responsible dog ownership and to penalises dog owners who have a greater demand on our Animal Control services. 

In accordance with Section 37 of the Dog Control Act 1996, dog registration fees have been set as follows:

Dog Control Registration Fees

Category Standard Fee
Dangerous dog $335.00
Dangerous dog (fenced) $280.00
Dangerous dog (positive) $280.00
Dangerous dog (fenced/positive) $230.00
Guide dog $0.00
Menacing dog $335.00
Menacing dog (fenced) $280.00
Menacing dog (positive) $280.00
Menacing dog (fenced/positive) $230.00
Pet dog $215.00
Pet dog (fenced) $160.00
Pet dog (positive) $160.00
Pet dog (fenced/positive) $110.00
Pet dog (de-sexed) $165.00
Pet dog (de-sexed/fenced) $125.00
Pet dog (de-sexed/positive) $125.00
Pet dog (de-sexed/fenced/positive) $85.00
Working dog $105.00
Working dog (fenced) $80.00
Working dog (positive) $80.00
Working dog (fenced/positive) $55.00


Fees are inclusive of GST.

*Please note you will need to provide a certificate to qualify for both the the Guide/Companion Dog category, and the Working Dog category.

Other Fees:

Category Fee
Multiple Dog Licence Application $70, Inspection $80
First Impound* $125
Second Impound* $200
Third Impound (or more)* $300
Feeding (per day) $35
Replacement Tag Nil


*The increase of impound costs relate to offences within a period of 24 months from the first offence.

Renew your dog's registration

If you'd like to renew your dog's registration, you can make the payment online.

Changing your details

If you or your dog's details have changed, please let us know in writing as soon as possible or use our Change of Dog Registration Details form online. A change may include:

  • Change of address of the dog

  • Recent de-sexing.

  • The death or loss of a dog

  • Change of phone number or email address.

If your dog has a new owner, please use the separate Change of owner form and either drop it in to one of your local Council offices or email it to: 

Transfer or Refund of registration

If you have recently left the district or plan on moving to a new district you will need to inform us of this change and your new address, as well as ensuring you register with your new council.

In the unfortunate event that your dog dies during the registered year, the unused portion of the fee you paid may be refunded. All applications for refunds must be in writing.

Refunds are only available from the next full month following the date of application and are not backdated. You must return the registration tag or disc (if requested).

We will not grant refunds in respect to dogs that have been lost, stolen or have changed owners or transferred districts within New Zealand, or if the dog is being relocated overseas.

Your refund will only be processed when accompanied by a bank deposit slip or other bank generated document that matches the details of the applicant applying for the refund.

To let us know about a transfer or to apply for a refund, please complete the below form and return to: