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We've launched new electronic formats of the District Plan.

Looking for ODP or PDP PDFs?

As we transition to our new ePlans for the Operative District Plan and Proposed District Plan, PDFs of both plans remain available so we can ensure there are opportunities to resolve any issues in the change to our new format.


You'll find the PDP PDFs available here for a period time.

These PDFs are the Proposed District Plan version last updated on 28 March 2024.


Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

These PDFs are the Operative District Plan effective from 21 March 2024.

If you have any questions please contact

About the new ePlans

We've launched brand new electronic formats of our District Plan, which we’re calling ePlans. 

There's a specific ePlan for the Operative District Plan and one the Proposed District Plan. They're hosted online, easier to use, and provide better functionality for all users.

Using these new plans, you can see all the plan provisions that apply to a property in one single place, instead of having to switch between online maps and a bunch of PDFs and chapters.

QLDC was required to implement an ePlan to be consistent with the requirements of central government’s National Planning Standards.

Frequently asked questions

  • ePlans are electronic versions of Queenstown Lakes District Council’s District Plan.

  • We were required to implement ePlans to be consistent with the requirements of central government’s National Planning Standards.

    But, these new electronic formats of the District Plan will also be much easier to use than the old PDF system we used, and provide a range tools to improve your experience when looking into provisions that apply to a property.

  • We’ll be sharing a range of helpful guides on using the ePlans soon.

  • Once the ePlans are live, you'll be able to access them in the same place you’d normally access the Operative District Plan and Proposed District Plan.

    If you don’t have a device or an internet connection at home, you’re welcome to access the ePlans at Council offices and libraries too.

  • Yes, there are separate ePlans for the ODP and PDP.

  • As part of the Appeals Version of the Plan, appeals that have spatial elements (for example a zoning, overlay, scheduled feature or item under appeal) will be highlighted on the map with red polygons.

    Appeals can also be made against provisions, either to amend a provision, include a new provision, or remove a provision entirely. Any chapter that contains an appeal will include a note detailing that provisions are subject to change. Users can select the red exclamation mark to find what appeals are relevant to a chapter and access them.

  • Yes, you can. You’ll find a bookmark option at the top of the page which allows you to save a section or chapter for easy access.

    Please note: In the event we move to a new version of the Plan, bookmarks you have made to a section or chapter in the past will take you to what will be an old and out of date version of the Plan. To avoid any confusion, we’d recommend bookmarking the ePlan homepage.


Share feedback on the ePlans

Is there something that would make our ePlans work better for you?

Share your thoughts on the new ePlans using the form below.

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