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Urban Intensification Variation

Details regarding Queenstown Lakes District Council's Urban Intensification Variation.

The further submission period is currently open and will close on 14 June 2024.  


About the Urban Intensification Variation

QLDC's Urban Intensification Variation implements policy 5 of the NPS-UD, which directs councils to enable more height and density in certain locations. It also aims to implement the wider directive of the NPS-UD, to ensure well-functioning urban environments that meet the changing needs of our diverse communities and future generations.

This variation to the Proposed District Plan was endorsed for notification by Councillors at the Full Council meeting on Thursday 1 June 2023 and the inclusion of Lake Hāwea South was endorsed at the 10 August 2023 Full Council meeting. The full plan variation is being publicly notified for submissions using the process prescribed by schedule 1 of the RMA.

The plan variation gives effect to the central government's NPS requirements, while responding to the local context. The plan variation also marks the implementation of several outcomes and objectives identified across the Queenstown Lakes Spatial Plan 2021, the Joint Housing Action Plan, the Climate and Biodiversity Plan 2022-2025, and the Better Ways to Go Mode Shift Plan 2022.

This variation does not apply to land where Operative District Plan (ODP) zones apply. The approach for urban ODP land is that the NPS-UD will be implemented when each ODP zone is reviewed through the district plan review work programme.

Regarding proposed amendments to Council’s Design Guides which are incorporated by reference in the Proposed District Plan, Appendix 1L – ‘Proposed Changes to Design Guides Summary’ describes the proposed changes which reflect the changes proposed to the planning provisions. A separate public feedback process applies when changes are proposed to material incorporated by reference, pursuant to clause 34 of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act.

More info on how to give feedback on the proposed changes to the following documents incorporated by reference in the Proposed District Plan will follow:

  • Wānaka Town Centre Character Guideline 2011

  • Residential Design Guide 2021

  • Business Mixed Use Design Guideline 2021

  • Arrowtown Design Guidelines 2016

  • Queenstown Town Centre Special Character Area Guidelines 2015

Summary of Decisions Requested

The further submission period is currently open and will close on 14 June 2024. A further submission can only be made in support or opposition of an original submission on the variation. More information on the further submission process can be found on page 5 of this guidance note.

The Summary of Decisions Requested Report linked below summarises the decisions requested in the original submissions on the variation, however it is not required to summarise the reasons or broader context outlined in the original submissions. The full version of the original submissions can be viewed via the link below.

Please note that during the hearing for the variation, the Independent Hearings Panel will consider all submissions received (including all the reasoning and discussion within the submissions), not just the summary of decisions requested.

If you have any questions about the further submission process or need any help with making a further submission, please email or call 03 441 0499 and ask to speak to the Duty Policy Planner.

Submissions Received

You can view all submissions received via our online submission system Consult24 using the link below.

Make a further submission

When a person or group makes a submission or further submission on a District Plan or Plan Change this is public information.

Please note that by making a submission your personal details, including your name and addresses will be made publicly available under the Resource Management Act 1991. This is because, under the Act, any further submission supporting or opposing your submission must be forwarded to you as well as to QLDC.

There are limited circumstances when your submission or your contact details can be kept confidential. If you consider you have compelling reasons why your submission or your contact details should be kept confidential please contact the Senior District Plan Administrator on 03 441 0499 to discuss.


Want to talk about it?

If you have any queries on any of the information provided, how to make a submission or need help finding a particular document, please contact one of our dedicated duty policy planners on 03 441 0499 (Queenstown) or 03 443 0024 (Wānaka) or email us at