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The boil water that was in place for businesses and properties across Queenstown following a number of confirmed local cases of illness caused by the protozoa, cryptosporidium, has now been lifted as of 8 December 2023.

Notified resource consents

Outlined below are the latest notified resource consents and hearings. Also detailed on this page are the steps to follow if you would like to make a submission on one of these proposals.

Publicly notified resource consents

  • Subdivision Consent for boundary adjustments between three existing allotments, converting the existing 82.6ha, 34.9ha and 18.9ha allotments into one large 130.3ha lot, and two smaller lots of 2.56ha and 3.78ha; and to establish a residential platform on each of the three lots; and to undertake earthworks to establish vehicular access to each allotment at 2032 and 2084 Cardrona Valley Road, RD2, Wanaka


Limited notified resource consents

Section 95B of the Resource Management Act 1991, and Section 29 of the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013, provides that only parties served with Limited Notifications are permitted to make a formal submission.

  • To use an existing residential unit and residential flat for Residential Visitor Accommodation for a maximum of ten (10) guests for up to 180 nights per year at 91 Mills Road, Wanaka.

  • To undertake a passenger ferry service that includes public water ferry services (Water Taxi’s) operating primarily between Queenstown Bay and the Hilton Hotel, and motorised commercial charter services to any location within Whakātipu Wai-Māori (Lake Wakatipu).

  • Land use consent is sought to construct a residential flat and three residential accessory buildings (one of which is within the same building as the residential flat) outside a registered building platform, install two water tanks within the minimum internal setback from the western boundary, pipe a section of the Arrow irrigation race that is located within the site, and to undertake associated landscaping and earthworks at 123 Slopehill Road, Wakatipu Basin. 


Scheduled resource consent hearings

Detailed in this section are all upcoming hearings. For information on hearing procedures, take a look at the pdf below. You can also view any application on eDocs by searching using the address or RM number.


Resource Consent

Time & Place Details

The Tiers Woods Limited



Thursday 23rd November 2023

9.00am at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Beach Street, Queenstown

Application under Section 88 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) to operate 8 units within ‘The Woods’ for visitor accommodation for up to 365 nights per year (Units 3-6 and 9-12), accommodating between 6 and 8 guests per unit.

Dean & Trina Affleck


Tuesday 5th December 2023

9.00am at Council Chambers, Gorge Road, Queenstown

Consent is sought to undertake Residential Visitor Accommodation (RVA) from a residential unit for up to 365 nights per calendar year, for a maximum of 10 people, with an associated transport breach relating to sight distances at 49B Highview Terrace, Queenstown.

Bridesdale Farm

 Tuesday 19th March 2024

9.00am at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Beach Street, Queenstown

Two lot subdivision and de-amalgamation of Lot 1 DP 21087 and Lot 3 DP 447906 from Lots 404 – 406 DP 505513. These four lots are currently held together in Record of Title 763196. A residential building platform is to be identified on Lot 1. Consent Notice 10684127.10 is proposed to be cancelled at Alec Robins Road, Lake Hayes, Queenstown


Make a submission

Submissions must be received before the submission closing date.

If you would like to make a submission, the forms (13 and 21) to use can be downloaded below and are also on the Application Forms and Fees page.

Submissions can be posted, dropped into Council offices or emailed to 

For more details on the submission and pre-hearing process, please head to the FAQs page.