Dog Registration: You may receive delays in receiving a response due to the fact we've received so many enquiries and our system is playing catching up - rest assured, we're working through these requests as quickly as possible. Check out our dog registration page for more information.

Our current rules

  1. First and foremost, there are a number of areas in our district where dogs are required to be on a leash, or where dogs are not permitted at all.

  2. As a dog owner, you must carry a bag at all times when out walking your dog in order to clean up after it; and,

  3. Properties which house more than two dogs are required to get a licence from us (with the exception of working dogs).

Please remember, the key provisions of the Dog Control Act continue to apply.  All dogs must be under control at all times, and when your dog is on your property it must be under control or confined at all times.

Full details of our current rules are in the Dog Control Bylaw and Policy below.

Dogs in public places

The new Dog Control Bylaw and Policy took effect on 1 December 2014.

Wondering where you can walk your dog? Try our interactive map to view dog-friendly areas.

Impounded and dangerous dogs

  • Any dog found in a public place and not under control of its owner, or is not registered, can be impounded.

    There are some situations where an Animal Control Officer can enter a private property and remove a dog, for example where an Officer has good cause to suspect an offence against the Dog Control Act. 

    If your dog is impounded, the following fees will apply:

    • First time - $125.

    • Second time - $200.

    • Third and subsequent times - $300.

    • Per night (feeding) - $35.

  • Never approach a dog if you are concerned for your safety, contact Animal Control immediately. 

    Our Animal Control Officers are all trained to handle dangerous dogs and are required to carry specialised equipment with them at all times.  This includes bite sticks, leads, loading ramps, collars and lasso poles.

    Our Animal Control Officers do not carry firearms and will call the Police for assistance if needed.

  • A dog will only be destroyed if:

    • an officer has witnessed it become a threat to public safety.

    • it has been mistreated to a point that it is unfit for life.

    • it has been abandoned and unable to be re-homed. 

    The Courts can also order the destruction of a dog for the same reasons.


Failing to register your dog

Keeping an unregistered dog is an offence against the Dog Control Act 1996.

Failing to register your dog before or during the month of July will result in a 50% penalty fee being added to its annual fee. This offence will also incur an infringement fee of $300 in addition to the dog's registration.

New dog poop bag dispensers

New dog poo bags and dispensers are coming to a reserve near you. The green bio bags inside can be composted at home using a separate pet poop compost, or disposed of with general household rubbish.

Pet poop compost should not be used on vegetables or plants that are consumed by humans. You'll find instructions on how to make your own pet poop compost system at, or you can buy an Ensopet kit at

Dog poop bags and dispensers will be installed in the following locations.


  • Frankton Beach

  • Te Kararo Queenstown Gardens

  • Kingston

  • Sunshine Bay

  • Arrowtown Track (carpark)

  • Widgeon Place (Lake Hayes)

  • Warren Park

  • Matakauri Track

  • Jardine Park

  • Tuckers Beach Road

  • Hicks Road (Lower Shotover)

  • Atley Road (Arthurs Point)


  • Roys Bay Recreation Reserve

  • Lakeview Terrace Esplanade Reserve

  • Clutha Outlet Reserve

  • Mount Iron

  • Gunn Road carpark (Albert Town)

  • Waterfall Creek Track

  • Bremner Bay

Please remember to pick up after your pooch. Rule #1 - pick up #2.