Aqua Fit at Wānaka Recreation Centre

A gentle, low impact full body workout!

Low impact, full-body workouts strengthen muscles and improves your flexibility without needing to bear weight. They're great if you're recovering from injury.

We offer two classes of varying intensity in both Queenstown and Wānaka:

  • AquaFit: moderate intensity

  • AquaHIIT: high intensity.

All aqua fitness classes last 45-minutes and are FREE with your pool entry (or $5.00 for our Queenstown Leisurelys members).

Please note our timetable often changes during school holidays and public holidays. Contact your local pool in advance to double check.

  • AquaFit is a gentle, low impact, full body workout which strengthens muscles and improves flexibility without you needing to bear weight. It's perfect if you're new to exercise, recovering from injury, or for the young at heart.

    AquaHIIT is more physically challenging than AquaFit. The 'HIIT' stands for high intensity interval training - a style that uses hard exertion followed by less intense recovery periods.






    Monday 8.00-8.45am AquaFit Gwen
    Monday 7.15-8.00pm AquaBoards Gwen
    Tuesday 6.30-7.15pm AquaHIIT Sarah
    Wednesday 8.00-8.45am AquaFit Gwen
    Wednesday 6.30-7.15pm AquaHIIT Sarah
    Friday 8.00-8.45am AquaFit Sarah