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Queenstown Town Centre Arterial Road

Construction of Stage 1 of the Queenstown Town Centre Arterial Road is underway.

About the project What's the latest Plans and illustrations

About the project

  • The Queenstown Town Centre Arterial is a key enabling project for the Queenstown Town Centre.  Stage 1 will link Melbourne and Henry Streets, removing general traffic from Stanley Street and unlocking a range of other investments that will vastly improve the town centre experience for locals and visitors.  

    The need to look at an alternative roading solution to address traffic and congestion in the town centre has been identified in a number of strategies and studies since the early 2000s including the 2005 FutureLinks Transport and Parking Strategy, 2008 and 2014 Inner Links Study and 2017 Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan Town Centre Arterials indicative business case.  All of these strategies and studies have been subject to community engagement, highlighting that this is a project that already has a reasonably high profile across the district.  

    The full route is made up of three stages:

    • Stage 1: Melbourne / Henry Street (construction starts on 27 September)

    • Stage 2: Gorge Road to Hay Street

    • Stage 3: Hay Street to One Mile Roundabout

    The project was granted consent under the new COVID-19 (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020.   Full details of this process, including the decision and associated reports, can be found on the Environmental Protection Authority website:  www.epa.govt.nz/fast-track-consenting/listed-projects/queenstown-arterials-project/ 

    Stage 1 is jointly funded by the Government's shovel ready fund ($50m) and QLDC ($15m).

  • A project to build an Arterial Road around the Queenstown Town Centre has been under discussion since the early 2000s when Council released the FutureLinks Strategy for community engagement. 

    Since  then it has been part of various transport strategies and most recently part of the Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan and a detailed business case for transport improvements all the way from Ladies Mile, through Frankton  and into and around Queenstown Town Centre.  

    View the Council's existing transport strategies here

    View information about the Frankton to Queenstown detailed business case here 

  • The full recommended Town Centre Arterial route is not without its challenges.   

    Stage 2 will involve the demolition of the existing Queenstown Memorial Centre facility.

    The Memorial Centre is part of the fabric of the performing arts and returned services community and the Council is committed to proactively working together on a solution for a replacement facility.  

    It is currently a proposed condition of the designation that the Memorial Centre cannot be demolished (effectively Stage 2 of the road cannot be constructed) until Council has, through its Ten Year Plan process, and after further consultation with users, confirmed a timeframe, funding and programme for the construction of new facilities.

    The Council will be engaging with existing users of the facilities soon.   


What's the latest?

Starting on Monday 27 September, the team will start constructing a stormwater outfall into Lake Whakatipu and a new stormwater line along Suburb Street, from Park Street to Frankton Road.  This part of the work will be completed in 50m sections and take approximately three months

What to expect

Timing of works: From Monday 27 September; Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 6.00pm

Type of work: Construction of a stormwater outfall into Lake Whakatipu and a new stormwater line along Suburb Street, from Park Street to Frankton Road.

Impact of works: There is likely to be intermittent loud noise and vibration during these works. This will be monitored by the contractors and mitigation measures put in place where required.  We will work directly with any residents or businesses that could experience greater levels of disruption. 

Road closures/diversions: For the first section of work, the intersection of Suburb Street and Park Street will be closed to traffic. Veint Crescent will remain open. You’ll still be able to walk and cycle past the work site.

Access for Suburb Street residents will be maintained at all times – in and out via Frankton Road. Park Street residents will have access to Frankton Road via Adelaide Street and Veint Crescent. 

Thanks for your patience.

Plans and illustrations

These are very large files. If you are having trouble downloading them, please get in touch and we can provide you a printed copy. 

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