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Register your Dog

Rēhitatia tō kurī

Please fill out the form below if you're looking to register a new dog or transfer their registration from another Council.

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If your dog is currently registered in this district and you need to renew its registration, please visit our payment portal.

Got more than two dogs registered at your property?

Don't forget you're required to apply for a permit. Use the form here and submit it separately by email or in person at your local QLDC office.

Please note: If you dog isn’t microchipped within two months of its registration, you may be issued a $300 infringement notice. Find out more.

Register your dog

Owner Details

Please note: We can only have 1 registered owner in our system.

Please note: Your date of birth is required to enable you to be distinguished from other persons with same name. Certainty of identification is required in the enforcement of the provisions of the Dog Control Act 1996.

Property Details

Note that a 'hidden' electric fencing isn't acceptable.
Please be aware that if you have more than two dogs registered at your property you are required to apply for a permit. You will need to submit this form separately by email to or in person to your local QLDC office.

Dog Details

We do not accept: mongrel, crossbreed, unknown.
Providing an electronic photo of your dog for registration purposes is optional but recommended. The purpose of collecting photo identification for dog registration is to better enable Council to identify dogs in the district when dealing with day to day animal control matters. This includes, but is not limited to, responding to complaints, assisting with identifying lost, roaming or barking dogs and general animal control regulatory functions such as investigations.
Please note: If your dog isn't microchipped within two months of its registration you may be issued a $300 infringement notice. Find out more at
The microchip number must be 15 digits
If you can't upload a proof of neutering certificate, please email proof of neutering to to have your dogs neutering status updated.

Registration Details

A Working Dog Declaration Form, is required for all working dogs. Forms are available at

Confirmation of detials

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

We will collect personal information from you for the purposes of processing the request under this form. We will use your email to respond to your enquiry and not for any other purpose. All personal information is treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.