Landscape Schedules

This proposal is a variation to Chapter 21 Rural Zone of the Proposed District Plan, to introduce landscape schedules 21.22 and 21.23. These schedules set out the landscape values for twenty-nine Priority Area landscapes across the Whakatipu Basin and Upper Clutha.

The District’s landscapes are of significant value to the people who live in, work in or visit the District. The Proposed District Plan sets out a policy framework that seeks to protect, enhance or maintain these landscapes. The proposed landscape schedules seek to make clearer what aspects of these landscapes are to be protected, maintained or enhanced.

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Hearing of Submissions

We hope to hear submissions mid-2023 and will be in touch with submitters with the schedule of evidence exchange and dates as soon as the hearing timing has been confirmed. Hearings will be held in both Queenstown and Wanaka.

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Priority Areas included in the schedules

The twenty-nine Priority Areas included in the schedules are: 

  • parts of the Outstanding Natural Features of Peninsula Hill, Ferry Hill, Shotover River, Morven Hill, Lake Hayes, Slope Hill, Feehly Hill, Arrow River, Kawarau River, Mt Barker, and Mt Iron. (see Policy 3.3.36.a.)

  • parts of the Outstanding Natural Landscapes of West Wakatipu Basin, Queenstown Bay and environs, Northern Remarkables, Central Wakatipu Basin Coronet Area, East Wakatipu Basin and Crown Terrace Area, Victoria Flats, Cardrona Valley, Mount Alpha, Roys Bay, West Wanaka, Dublin Bay, Hāwea South and North Grandview, and Lake McKay Station and environs. (see Policy 3.3.39.b.)

  • parts of the Rural Character Landscapes of Cardrona River/Mt Barker Road, Halliday Road/Corbridge, West of Hāwea River, Church Road/Shortcut Road, and Maungawera Valley (see Policy 3.3.39

Landscape and Priority Areas and Rural Character Landscape (

The priority areas can also be viewed in the District Plan maps here

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