Improving housing outcomes in Queenstown Lakes

We all choose to live and stay in the Queenstown Lakes District for many reasons. The unique environment, outdoor lifestyle, beauty and vibrancy of our places and diverse cultures make it easy to see why so many people want to make this special place their home. Unfortunately, many struggle to find a suitable home.

Housing is one of the biggest challenges our community faces. The root causes of housing unaffordability in the district are complex and centre on supply, choice, availability, and quality.

Housing is at the heart of creating secure, connected and caring communities, creating jobs and a diverse economy. It is also fundamental to sustainable and responsive urban planning and development.

Queenstown Lakes District Council is addressing this challenge with the Joint Housing Action Plan (PDF, 5MB). Read more below about the work we’re doing alongside central government, the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust, Kai Tahu, and the local community.

In addition, see the following document for a summary of the district’s housing challenges and what we’re doing to address them: Queenstown Lakes Housing Story (PDF, 350KB)

How will the Joint Housing Action Plan tackle Queenstown Lakes' housing needs?

Queenstown Lakes District Council endorsed the Joint Housing Action Plan on the 10th of August 2023. We have begun implementing this plan, working with central government, the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust, Kāi Tahu, and the local community.

At a glance, the Joint Housing Action Plan outlines a programme of work towards a joint vision developed by the Grow Well Whaiora Partnership.  


  • Well-designed neighbourhoods and improved housing outcomes for homeowners and renters to develop thriving communities 


  • Anyone who chooses to live here can access quality, stable, affordable housing now and into the future. 

  • Housing solutions to deliver better economic, social, cultural, and environmental outcomes to our community and New Zealand Inc. 

The JHAP proposes nine solutions, each with their own set of actions 

  1. Form a clear, evidence based understanding of the district's housing issues and regularly monitor key indicators

  2. Realise opportunities to purchase and develop land for the provision of affordable housing in the Queenstown Lakes District

  3. Enable affordable housing choices through legislative and other tools, such as Kāinga Ora’s Special Development Process  

  4. Continue to support and amplify the work of Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust and other providers through various means

  5. Influence and incentivise developers to provide affordable housing 

  6. Focus on rental solutions for the district’s workforce in collaboration with the community  

  7. Further develop public/private partnerships to deliver affordable housing and choice 

  8. Implement National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD) changes and review the District Plan to enable more affordable housing and choice

  9. Design and implement structure plans (frameworks to guide the development or redevelopment of an area) with the community 

Work in progress

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