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Blue-Green Network Plan

A collection of all parks, open spaces, trails, streets and waterways in the Queenstown Lakes District.

About the Blue Green Network Plan

Our Blue-Green Network Plan is made up of all the parks, open spaces, trails, streets and waterways in the Queenstown Lakes District which deliver a variety of educational, recreational, ecological, cultural, landscape and health benefits.

With limited space available in our developable areas and limited opportunities to connect to our surrounding landscapes, it’s important we plan for the future needs of our growing community and protect and enhance our Blue-Green Network throughout the district.

By mapping what we currently have and working with communities to understand what additional spaces and connections are needed and should be protected, we can ensure neighbourhoods in the district are well-designed and provide for your everyday needs now, and in the future. The Plan will also help to prioritise investment on parks, open spaces, and social infrastructure for all ages and abilities as and when opportunities and funding becomes available in the future.

The Blue-Green Network Plan delivers on the Queenstown Lakes Spatial Plan 2021 priority to develop open space network plans for each community, and aligns with its outcome for well-designed neighbourhoods that provide for everyday needs.

What's the latest?

Thursday 14 September 2023

We recently hosted a number of stakeholder workshops in Queenstown and Wānaka in August, and now, we're now working to identify gaps in our open space network. If you'd like to share your insight on which additional spaces and connections are needed around the Queenstown Lakes District, use the feedback form on our Let's Talk page here: https://letstalk.qldc.govt.nz/blue-green-network-plan 

Early insights close on Sunday 15 October.

How to get involved

Keen to help shape our Blue-Green Network Plan?

Head to https://letstalk.qldc.govt.nz/blue-green-network-plan for more information on the project and to share your insights on open spaces in the Queenstown Lakes District.