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Councillor Esther Whitehead

Councillor Esther Whitehead is elected to the Queenstown-Whakatipu Ward. You can learn more about Councillor Whitehead and find her contact details below.

About Councillor Whitehead

Kia ora,

As one of your elected members, know that I am trying to do my best for the whole community.  What do I mean by my best? Listening, being fair, being informed, speaking up when it's appropriate, and recognising that we're living in a time of uncertainty and trying to make informed decisions which aim to help us and our environment to thrive now and into the future. I don't make promises other than that!

Wellbeing of people and place is what drives me. My background and degrees are in Specialist Education and Ecology, I run a consultancy called Thrivable where I support organisations with strategic direction in addressing the wicked problems we face today where uncertainty prevails. We don't solve these types of problems with the same thinking, we need to think differently, which is why I am also very passionate about neurodiversity and inclusion. Our organisations must adopt more of a co-design approach, and I advocate for this at all levels.

Feel free to get in touch.

Contact Details

TEL: +64 21 243 0741