Get wai wise: Help us save water

Summer is a thirsty season when it comes to our water network. Maintaining green lawns is harder work in the dry weather, and people seek out water-based fun in the hot sun. 

We’re some of the biggest water consumers in the country and it can put our water network under strain, elevating the potential need for temporary water restrictions. 

We should always treat water as a precious resource, but over summer it’s especially important to consider the ways we use water and so we are encouraging people to become wai wise at home. Here are some actions you can take:  

Why conserve water?

1. Did you know Queenstown Lakes households are among the highest users of water in the country?

Queenstown Lakes District households use an average of 440 litres of water per day. 

Compare that to the national average of 281.8 litres per day.  

In Auckland, where every household is metered, the average is 146 litres per day. 

2. Our average water consumption grows significantly from the winter to summer months

In January 2022 our average water consumption (litres/per person/per day) peaked at 528, before dropping back to 309 in July this year. The latest data from October shows our usage already creeping back up, recording an average of 472. 

3. We live in the driest region in the country, so our water demands can be higher to maintain lawns and gardens.

This puts our water network under strain and can put us at risk of needing temporary water restrictions to keep things in check.        

4. Conserving water can reduce our carbon footprint.  

Energy is needed to filter, heat and pump water to your home. 

One of the main sources of Council’s greenhouse gas emission is from the construction of water supply infrastructure. 

Tip: Cut your shower time from 10 minutes to 4 minutes to save 99kg of CO2e emissions per person per year!