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Wai ua

Stormwater is rain that runs off surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, driveways and roads. 

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Our stormwater network

We maintain seven public reticulated stormwater systems throughout the district – Queenstown, Wānaka, Arrowtown, Hāwea, Glenorchy, Albert Town and Arthur’s Point, made up of 368km of pipes.

The stormwater collects and travels  through the stormwater system eventually discharging (currently untreated) into the receiving environment (i.e. water or land). 

Other small settlements in the district, such as Kingston, Luggate and Makarora, have limited stormwater systems and generally rely on ground soakage and natural watercourses, swales and gullies for their disposal of stormwater.

Effective stormwater management is important to ensure that contaminant don't get carried into our public waterways.     

Stormwater infrastructure is important to ensure that contaminants don’t get carried into our public waterways. Left unchecked, stormwater could have a negative effect on the environment, and could also lead to flooding and land instability.

Avoiding stormwater pollution

Whatever goes into the drain outside your house or business - whether poured in intentionally or washed down with rainwater - will end up in our waterways untreated.  The only thing that should go down stormwater drains is rainwater.

The Otago Regional Council has some great tips on preventing stormwater pollution.    

How to report pollution

If you notice pollution, please contact the Otago Regional Council Pollution Hotline immediately.  

Tips for businesses

We've produced some posters for businesses in the hospitality and automative industry.  These provide some simple tips to help keep our lakes, rivers and environment clean.

Integrated Three Waters Bylaw

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