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Our progress towards a Welcoming Plan

Each Welcoming Communities region develops their Welcoming Plan and draws on the findings from their stocktake and benchmarking reports.

The Welcoming Plan will meet the eight outcomes in the “Standard” and align with the unique characteristics of our district using a community-based approach. A successful Welcoming Plan belongs to the community.

Stages of accreditation

We met the requirements to be accredited as a Committed Welcoming Community on 9 February 2022, having signed a Statement of Commitment on Tuesday 2 November 2021.

This is stage one of four accreditation levels within the Welcoming Communities programme which include – Committed, Established, Advanced and Excelling.

Why become accredited?

Accreditation as a Welcoming Community has a range of benefits, including:

  • showing community values and welcoming newcomers

  • helping to attract, support and retain newcomers

  • showing that council is part of an international welcoming network

  • providing councils with access to ongoing support, resources, knowledge sharing and networking in New Zealand and overseas

  • showcasing new and existing welcoming activities on a national and international stage

  • providing a way to assess and reflect on progress and to improve welcoming practices

  • celebrating success and a shared pride in positive outcomes for the community

  • fostering conversations in the community around valuing inclusion and diversity

To achieve the next level of accreditation, we need to demonstrate we are meeting the sub-outcomes as part of the Standard’s eight elements. These elements guide the programme and help determine what creates a welcoming community. A Welcoming Communities External Accreditation Assessment Panel will also conduct a review and a site visit.