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Queenstown Lakes Homes Strategy

Everyone has a warm secure place to call home.

The Strategy Documents

Queenstown Lakes Homes Strategy and Action Plan

The Queenstown Lakes Homes Strategy and Action Plan set out our strategic direction and vision for housing for the next decade. This goal is to improve housing outcomes in the Queenstown Lakes for housing affordability, supply, choice and quality.

The strategy is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 describes how we developed the draft strategy and how to take part in the process

  • Part 2 explores the key local challenges we’re seeking to address

  • Part 3 is the action plan and includes proposed outcomes, actions and timelines to help address the challenges.

Check out the Queenstown Lakes Homes Strategy and Action Plan below:

The housing challenge

We all choose to live and stay in the Queenstown Lakes District for many reasons.  The unique environment, outdoor lifestyle, beauty and vibrancy of our places and diverse cultures make it easy to see why so many people want to make this special place their home.   Unfortunately many struggle to find a suitable home.

Housing is one of the biggest challenges our community faces. The root causes of housing unaffordability in the district are complex and centre on centre on supply, choice, availability, and quality.

Housing is at the heart of creating secure, connected and caring communities, creating jobs and a diverse economy. It is also fundamental to sustainable and responsive urban planning and development.

The Homes Strategy in action

The Queenstown Lakes Homes Strategy has four outcomes designed to address the four key housing challenges of affordability, choice, quality and government assistance. Each outcome is supported by a range of associated actions and goals.

  1. Affordable housing options for the community are increased

  2. A range of housing choice exists for everyone

  3. Homes in the district are healthy, warm, and sustainable

  4. Partnerships with government improve, amplify and accelerate housing outcomes in the district.

The outcomes, actions and goals (detailed in the Action Plan) in the Queenstown Lakes Homes Strategy will not resolve all the tensions that exist, but instead provide a set of responses to achieve defined housing outcomes. In this work, there is a particular focus on improved outcomes for low to moderate income individuals and households.

Public consultation occurred in August and September 2021, and the Strategy was adopted by Council on 16 December 2021.

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