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Glenorchy Smart Water Meters

The smart water meters roll out in Glenorchy is a two-stage pilot project which aims to improve sustainable water use now and into the future. The meters will allow water usage to be tracked and help us find leaks in the water network so that they can be fixed to reduce water losses.

The first stage involves installing metres at 20 properties in October 2021. We expect this trial period to run for three months, confirming the meters are running as they should and that they are providing us with the right data. If successful, we will expand the trial early next year to include an extra 160 sites across Glenorchy. If successful, the project could be rolled out across the district.

What to expect Trial phase Long term benefits

What to expect

Contractors engaged by QLDC (Veolia and City Care) will be installing the new water meters around sites in Glenorchy. These properties will be individually contacted by our contractors and have been selected for ease of access for installation.

Installation of the meters will require the contractor to excavate down to the existing water pipes that feed each site. These are mostly located in the road reserve outside of properties. However, if the meters need to be located within property boundaries, our contractors will contact the property occupier and agree an appropriate time to complete the works.

We are trialing two different types of meters. The first type is connected directly into the pipe with no disruption to water. The second type requires water to be shut off to a site for approximately 60 minutes while the meter is connected. We will contact those parties affected by the water shutoff to agree a time to complete the works.

We expect the installation of the water meters to take two days and be completed by the end of October. Households shouldn’t be disrupted further than the installation requirements.

Trial phase

We will be collecting data from the 20 trial water meters for three months. The trial will be used to confirm the most efficient installation methodology and to also check that we’re receiving information from the meters.

Early next year, following the completion of the first stage, we will look to install water meters across the rest of the sites.

Long term benefits

Currently Glenorchy uses an average of 396 litres of water per person, per day, as opposed to the national council benchmark of 263 litres. On peak days this can be higher due to summer irrigation or major leaks.

The SmartMeters will utilise a web-based software that collects data and processes it. Households will be able to use this information and learn more about their water usage. The software can also be used to identify areas where more sustainable uses of water can be implemented.

The software will be used by the QLDC Operations and Maintenance contractor to proactively identify any leaks in the network. This will help reduce damage to the overall water network and enable better maintenance planning to ensure the network is working as efficiently as possible.

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