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Rabbit Baiting Operation: Wānaka

Starting on Tuesday 9 August 2022, the Department of Conservation and Queenstown Lakes District Council will be carrying out a joint operation to reduce rabbits on land adjacent to Albert Town, Hikuwai and Northlake. QLDC is also completing further rabbit control work at the old oxidation ponds at 101 Ballantyne Road, and Luggate Park.

Why are we controlling rabbits?

This rabbit control operation aims to reduce rabbit numbers within the identified reserves and to comply with Otago Regional Council’s Pest Management Plan.

Environmental effects from rabbits include:

  • Depletion of plant communities and species diversity

  • An increase in areas of bare land as well as soil disturbance

  • A reduction in soil organic matter, and deterioration of soil nutrients and structure

  • Adverse effect on indigenous and other fauna when high numbers of rabbit predators target alternative prey. 

  • The following toxin will be used:

    • Carrot baits covered in a 17g/kg Pindone paste

    This operation consists of at least three separate toxin applications using carrot bait, each estimated to be four nights apart. Carrot baits that contain the pesticide Pindone will be distributed from a vehicle and on foot. 

    Bait will not be placed on the Hikuwai bike track or the Outlet Track.

  • This rabbit control operation is planned to start from Tuesday 9 August 2022. The exact timing is weather dependent.

    Before the operation begins, warning signs will be installed at all official access points to reserves where bait is to be laid.

    Please note: other private landowners have a responsibility to undertake rabbit control on their land, and some private operations are already underway. These sites should have warning signage in place too.

  • Pindone is poisonous to humans and domestic animals. Always remember:

    • DO NOT handle the bait

    • SUPERVISE CHILDREN at all times

    • DO NOT EAT animals from these areas or within two (2) km of it.

    If you suspect any human poisoning contact the National Poisons Centre on 0800 764 766.

    • Keep your dog on a leash in any reserves where rabbit control is underway
    • DO NOT allow DOGS access to animal carcasses.

    Dogs need to consume a number of carrot baits or rabbits to be affected, but if you suspect your dog has been poisoned you should contact your local vet.

  • There are high densities of rabbits throughout these reserves. Pesticide offers the most cost-effective way to reduce the rabbit population, and the aim of this operation is to reduce rabbit infestations to a very low level (Level 2 of the Modified McLean Scale).

  • Private landowners have a responsibility to undertake rabbit control on their land, and some private operations are already underway. These sites should have warning signage in place.


Any questions?

If you need more information about Pindone, or have any concerns about the joint rabbit control operations, please do not hesitate to contact the DOC Wanaka Office or QLDC

Any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the QLDC rabbit control operation, please contact us:

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